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Welcome to Rachel Wesley's Online Portfolio

Rachel Wesley

A fascinating horror writer that totally doesn’t try to toot her own horn. At all; ever.

I write mainly scary stories and horror novels. I have recently embarked on a journey to change the way that everyone sees horror.

It’s time that the scare factor was brought back into this genre. If you enjoy being scared, staring at the closet at night to make sure nothing comes out, keeping all limbs strictly on the bed so nothing grabs them, and/or pulling the covers up to your chin, darting your eyes furiously around your room in search of the monster I have convinced you is there; then this site is exactly for you!

If you scare easily, or you’re looking for something different you can check out the “Homeschool” area tab and look into my other ventures. That’s right, I write other things. I’ve been homeschooling for around 15 years, and have encountered a lot of resources that come in incredibly handy for others. I have other interests than just horror, but not many…

Though my page and my work will mainly focus on horror-based things like stories, pictures, legends, etc, it will also have an entire section dedicated to my other passions. I feel very strongly about homeschool, not that I think everyone should do it, just that those that do should have a place to go and be about to find and use resources easily. For this purpose, I have written two books on homeschool and have added them to my site. They are free if they are downloaded from this site, but hardcovers and such are available on Amazon for a small fee; links will be added.

It is my honest hope that you can find something you can enjoy here on my site. I do love to scare the hell outta people with my stories and ideas, but I also like to help people. So, join me in the fight to bring scary back to the horror genre, and to destroy the barriers that hold people back from being able to get the things that they need without the runaround so many places give. You never have to jump through any hoops to read or get my work. I want to give you a fun scare that keeps you coming back, not empty your bank account and laugh while you try to figure out how to get and use everything.

So, now, whether you’re here for a scare or you’re here for resources:


              Enjoy your stay…


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