It is hard to believe that even after man has occupied this planet for so very long, that he has yet to truly discover, or understand, all of its wonders.

That isn’t to say that man hasn’t made great strides in many, many areas, particularly in technology. Science, Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering; all incredibly notable subjects that have advanced man’s knowledge of crude medicinal herbs to state of the art bio-genetics, and beyond. No, there is certainly no disappointment in the vast leaps forward of this intelligent race.

Where has man truly faltered, you might be wondering? There is definitely something to be said about man’s irresistible, unsated greed. It is astonishing to watch people scatter like bugs from the light in an attempt to gather as much paper as they possibly can. In some cases, very often actually, man is reduced to a lower status than his animal counterpart, as he searches for more ways to gain a few extra sheets of that ridiculous green parchment.

Even animals have a code. Man appears to have become so determined to horde away ever more of this simple paper slip; as if it were the most important resource upon the face of the world they inhabit.

It is rather disappointing really. As one observes these incredibly complex creatures, capable of recreating nearly perfect replications of missing body extremities, of being able to transfer inner body portions interchangeable in an attempt to save one another.

Yet, even seeing all these things, it is still disheartening, for all the resources placed upon this self-sustaining world, man still vies for that one thing.

This planet was not given to one of mankind to covet and horde. No, it was given for them to thrive upon. Yet, unlike in the animal kingdom, where most creatures live and die by a code; one of pure sustainability, man is greedy.

Need and want are two entirely different, and understandable features of all living things. It is only when one gathers all the valuable resources and locks them away, to force others without the means to lock away significant resources, to barter and pay with everything they have, that it becomes necessary for one to step in.

My people are voyeurs; watchers; if you will. We observe, take and make notes, share our findings with one another, and reach difficult decisions. In some instances, though it is highly avoided if possible, we are forced to take stern action; only ever being forced to destroy two other worlds.

Many times, we can help the creatures of a world to re-find that delicate balance that every planet needs to not only survive, but to thrive. Earth is one such planet that has had us keeping a very close watch over. Man, in particular, with his infinite desire for wealth and power, has begun to withhold even the most basic resources from one another.

What man upon this planet owns the water, or the air? None, yet they still garner it away and force others to beg and barter for it. Typical bartering would be sufficient, but mankind tends to require more for the natural resources that every human, animal and plant needs; water and food.

It is a very disturbing phenomena, watching these creatures with so very much potential, squandering it all away for something as useless as money. People used to trade things for other things, food for food, coats for britches, Goats for Oxen, and clean water was something that everyone needed and had access to. It was a fair system.

The most disheartening thing that we watchers have observed is the withholding of the planet’s most basic resources, allowing others to go without and even die because they cannot afford that which was placed here to provide for them.

Any man that feels he holds the power of the Earth and any of its natural resources is not only sadly mistaken, but will be dually punished in a way that we, the watchers, see fit.

Allow those without homes a warm shelter each night. Allow those without sustenance food for their belly’s and clean water to hydrate themselves. Take the natural resources of your planet and share them evenly and fairly. Care for your own species, as they were your immediate family and loved ones.

Do these things quickly, as we grow tired and weary of watching you destroy all that should be held dear. Do these things or suffer the consequences of The Watcher’s Wrath. You have been warned.