When I was in grade school my family lived in a house that sat directly across from the school I attended. However, there was about a half a mile of wooded area between them. I was allowed to walk to and from school because it was so straightforward.

My mother informed me that she and her siblings walked through the woods to school when they were younger, so it felt like a natural and safe thing for her.

I loved the excitement of being able to walk to school all on my own, and I felt pretty at home in the woods, as I had been raised around them.

The walk was pretty direct, with very little issues, aside from a small, but wide, creek that I had to cross. The creek itself was no problem, it was the fact that on each side there was a steep bank that had to be scaled. It wasn’t too terrible unless it had been raining.

It had rained the day before, so my steps, which were normally loud, were fairly silent. This might have saved my life; it at least saved me from something terrible.

When I reached the creek I was in my own little world. I was thinking about a science project we had to do at school and whether or not I was fully prepared for my part in it. I was doing the supernova section and wasn’t feeling very ready to make a speech in front of everyone; explaining it.

Anyway, I reached the creek and dropped down the first bank with a slightly wet thud. I crossed over the water and began looking for something to grab a hold of to pull myself up with; there were usually roots sticking out to use.

Before I could climb up the other side, I heard a noise, like people talking. I stopped and waited to see if I heard it again; I did. I heard a couple of boys talking, getting closer to me. I smashed myself up against the bank and listened for a minute. I don’t know why, but something just told me to stay away; that something was wrong.

The boys came so close, all the way to the edge of the creek bank, but they didn’t jump down. If they had, they would have seen me in a flash. as luck would have it, there was an overhang that I was able to hide under.

I listened as the boys talked.

“Yeah, she comes through here all the time. Should be coming around in just a minute.” My heart sank. I was the only person that walked this trail to and from school, and they were in my direct path. That isn’t to say that no-one else was ever in the woods but, in all the time I used this trail, I had never seen another person.

To get to the woods from my house I had to cross the road and walk through a small flat area with no trees, and from the school side, I had to walk through the school’s football field. Anyone from either side could have seen me going in or out of the woods easily.

I stood plastered to the wall of mud, waiting for them to catch me, but they walked around a little bit, smoked a couple of cigarettes and started getting frustrated. “Where the fuck is she man? You said she would be here, so where is she?” “Maybe she isn’t coming to school today. Anyway, we gotta go or we’re gonna miss our bus.” The high schoolers caught their bus to the high school at the elementary school.

This told me two things: 1: They were obviously in high school, so, much older than me. And 2: They had some seriously bad intentions toward me.

I heard them leaving, but I didn’t dare move. I waited a good 30 minutes or so before I darted out of the creek bed and toward home.

I will never know exactly what those two boys had planned to do to me that day and I’m not sure I want to

So, creepy high schoolers waiting in the woods for a little girl; let’s not meet!