My sister Abby went missing two years ago, when I was 16. Until now, I had believed the stories told about her and Bella, her best friend, and working partner, running off to see the world.

However, now I know that wasn’t the case.

My name is Sarah Marks. I am, now 18 years old and last week I received a package in the mail from an unknown sender that said not to believe the stories about my sister. It said my sister never left her post; I will explain her job in a moment. The note stated she was dead, had been for 2 years now, and that I deserved to know the truth.

The letter ended there, giving me far more questions than answers.

My sister and her best friend Bella work for the Department of Fish and Wildlife. What they do is go to “posts” they are assigned to and spend 3-6 months there, depending on the job requirements or how their watch is going.

They always have interesting stories to tell. I’ve always been envious of their freedom. This year would have been the one where I joined them and they trained me to do what they do. That will not be happening now; I wouldn’t do their job for any amount of money in the world.

The Department sends them to remote locations, usually high in the mountains somewhere. They live in a tiny cabin-like structure, or post, and observe the wildlife in that area.

They are trained in how to deal with and handle wildlife and unforeseen dangers, like poachers, and are superb at their jobs. Each is trained in first aid. They have a huge first aid kit that includes a defibrillator and a ton of other things you’ve never seen in a basic kit; ever. Both carry a firearm on themselves every time they go outside.

They each take their side arm, a Glock 20 (10mm) and 11-inch defense knives whenever they leave the post. Abby also carries a Remington 870 (12 gauge), and Bella carries a Ruger Hawkeye Alaskan (.375). These are not damsels playing in the woods.

I’ve gone with them to shoot a few times; both are excellent marksmen. This reason alone terrifies me, after all I have learned. Abby or Bella would never leave their post, not for any reason. They would not have been taken by surprise by something they were prepared for. Which means they likely died at the hands of something they weren’t prepared for.

A month after they should have been back, (assuming they had done a full 6-month stint, so 7 months in total), my dad called his friend Earl at the Department. He was becoming concerned and wanted to know when the girls would be coming back. Earl’s reply was, “I thought they had already come back”. Good management skills huh? They don’t even bother making sure that their post workers turn in their sheets and diaries.

Dad explained that, no, they had not come back yet and he hadn’t heard anything from Abby. That isn’t unusual, like I said 3-6 months out. But as soon as that time is up, Abby is home soaking up all the attention she can get from us.

Earl said he would look into it and let us know something. He called back a week later and told dad that everything was going quiet and that he wouldn’t be able to give him any information. However, since they were friends, Earl told him to meet him for lunch and he would explain a few things.

At lunch, Earl told my dad they weren’t sure what happened to Abby or Bella, that the post was trashed, off the record, of course. He went on to say the only thing that remained were some of the diary entries. He made copies of them and gave them to my dad.

Now, officially, Abby and Bella abandoned their post and ran off. If you knew my sister or Bella, you would know this would never happen. Besides, what was with the post being trashed? A note from Earl found inside the copies said everything but the girls’ hunting knives were still there. It also stated that there was no ammo left anywhere, even inside the guns.

There were a few bullet holes in the walls, but still, the Department was chopping it up and spitting it back out as, “nothing to be concerned with.”

My dad raised hell with the Department for months, trying to get some information out of them about the girls, but to no avail. Their official stance was that they had left, perhaps to travel, like girls sometimes do. Eventually, I believe they chipped away at dad, and he and my mother believed their story of the girls abandoning their post. I’m still devastated by the fact that they would accept that crap.

I hadn’t been allowed to read the journal entries, as my parents said they weren’t something I needed to see, but they were wrong. It wasn’t until last week that I got to finally lay eyes on them. I’m even more unhappy after what I read, but I needed to see it; to know.

My parents went out of town for an art convention and I stayed home on my own. I snuck into their room, snooped through their closet until I found what I was looking for and sped back to my room. It’s funny, my parents are in Florida, 2 states away, and I still had that sneaking feeling I would get caught or somehow they would know.

What I read scared the hell out of me. I can’t believe anyone would believe Abby or Bella would have just ran off. Something terrible happened up there on that mountain, but what it was…I am honestly afraid to even say what it sounds like.

I will add some of the journal entries Abby wrote. I will show what was written and when, and whether they were personal diary entries or professional journal entries. I will leave out the unnecessary portions. I will label her personal journal entries as PERSONAL and her professional entries as OFFICIAL.

August 1st 2014 – OFFICIAL Abigail Marks, Isabella Steel arrive at Post #4230 Glacier Park, Lewis Range, MT. No unusual activity detected. No immediate signs of poaching. No unusual animal activity.

This was just to show that nothing odd had been going on when they arrived. Here is an entry from Abby’s diary just three days in.

Abby Marks August 4th 2014 – PERSONAL Bella and I have been here for only three days and already we’ve noticed some unusual things. First, on the day we arrived, Friday, there were a few squirrels and rabbits scurrying about, like normal. Today the forest was all abuzz, a little more so than what is typical, but it is a nice reminder of why we like to come here to these posts.

Abby Marks August 7th 2014 – PERSONAL The forest creatures are all fired up, almost as if in an uproar. It has gotten so loud here at night between the frogs and crickets we can barely sleep.

We went outside tonight to see what was going on. There were the squirrels again looking as if they were already storing for winter. That isn’t all though, the entire forest feels eerily electric. I can’t put that into my report of course, but there seems to be something worth reporting going on around here.

August 8th, 2014 – OFFICIAL Abigail Marks. Severe increase in animal activity since arrival date August 1st 2014 Large predatory animals moving unusually close to post. No animal contact; mostly ignored, even when slightly approached. Watch increased on activity.

Abby Marks August 9th, 2014 PERSONAL Throughout last night and today the forest was insane with racket. There were animals everywhere acting erratic like nothing we have ever seen before. We saw small ground and tree-dwelling animals scamper around gathering supplies like it was turning winter tomorrow. Larger animals, though not always close to our post, have now distanced themselves.

I can say I don’t know what’s coming, but I am scared of it.

Abigail Marks August 9th, 2014 PROFESSIONAL. Large animals previously moving close to post have retreated. Were they perhaps searching for food? Still, heavy increase in animal activity though becoming slightly more distant Watches increased to rotating four hours shifts.

Abby Marks August 10th 2014 PERSONAL Bella and I have watched the forest transform from a crescendo of sound and activity, to silent. The sun has begun to set, and with the fading light goes my reserve. I don’t want to be here. I can feel, much like the animals I would suppose, something is…wrong; unnatural, and whatever it is, it’s coming tonight.

Abigail Marks August 10th 2014 PROFESSIONAL. Limited activity throughout the day, decreasing steadily as the day progressed. Sunset, forest is unusually quiet. Animals have moved away from area Signs of a large predator moving close are everywhere, but nothing has been spotted or observed.

Here is where Abby’s entries start to really take a strange turn.

Abby Marks August 12th, 2014 PERSONAL Bella and I haven’t slept in two days, we are both absolutely terrified. Last night, just as the night before, a large predatory animal has appeared to stalk us. Neither one of us has had the fortitude to venture or even look outside since Sunday.

It is unlike anything we have ever observed. It has all the markings of a large predator, but the smaller prey animals aren’t acting right. Even when a large bear or pack of wolves are in the area, the animals will still move and make noise. The last 2 days and nights, everything around us has been still and quiet, except for the nights. Nighttime is a terrifying period, Bella and I have had to barricade ourselves in and stay as quiet as possible all night.

Whatever is out there hunts only by night it seems, and it wants in here terribly. As terrified as we both are, we are exhausted, but we’re both so afraid of falling asleep. What if it comes back, or finds some way in while we aren’t watching?

Already, though, I can feel my eyes drooping and burning from the lack of rest they’ve had. Bella is struggling to stay awake at her table, God help us, we need sleep, but we also need protection.

There are more entries, and I will write them in shortly. Right now I need to make a few calls and see if anyone has anything else. Perhaps some of Bella’s journal entries have surfaced. I intend to find out what happened to my sister, I don’t think I can move forward until I do…

I haven’t finished reading all of Abby’s entries yet. I feel that there is a lot more to this story than just what breaks the surface.