Here are a few more entries from Abby’s journals. I reached out to Bella’s mother, but she said she had received nothing so I made a call to my dad’s friend Earl. He seemed like someone that cared and wasn’t so quick to believe the “official” story.
He is supposed to get back to me in a day or two, so hopefully I can get something from Bella’s side. What’s coming up in Abby’s journal is almost too much to handle.
Abigail Marks August 11th, 2014 – PROFESSIONAL
Severe and dangerous activity increasing as the night progressed
Heavy, large animal attacking post, attempting to enter
Unlike typical large predator activity, though perhaps rabid bear
Activity only happens at night, daytime has been uneventful
Abby Marks August 12th, 2014 – PERSONAL
I’m so scared. I can’t believe we have been attacked for two nights straight relentlessly. We are both so worried about how much more we can sustain ourselves. If we are attacked again tonight I’m not sure we’ll make it. We have to get a little sleep.
Abby Marks August 13th, 2014 – PERSONAL
After sleeping for most of the day and night yesterday, Bella and I finally gathered the courage to venture outside today, as the forest seemed back to normal. There were thousands of huge, deep scratch marks all along the outer walls of the post.
If this place hadn’t been built, specifically, to withstand large animal attacks, we would surely have been invaded and likely killed over the course of the 2 nights we were under siege.
Last night there was no activity. Bella and I stayed up until after midnight, waiting for the onslaught we had been experiencing, but nothing came. Once we felt secure, we both fell asleep again.
Abigail Marks August 13th, 2014 – PROFESSIONAL
Predator activity ceased overnight
Post took severe damage to outside
Normal animal activity has picked back up
Will begin repairs as necessary
Abby Marks August 15th, 2014 – PERSONAL
Everything around us has returned to normal, it’s like nothing happened at all. It makes no sense.
Bella is feeling a little ill from the lack of sleep we suffered, but she’s up and moving today and helping to get everything back in order.
We have had to fill out tons of forms for the massive damage that the post sustained, but at least whatever was outside didn’t get in. That is the most important thing. Luckily, our two observation windows are up in the observation loft, were too high up to be damaged.
I almost wish I had snuck up there during the onslaught and tried to get a look at what was attacking us, but I was far too scared to even move.
Abby Marks August 20th, 2014 – PERSONAL
Bella and I have observed the woods go from a shockingly sparse and strange place back into a booming and typical mountain forest. Whatever attacked us before seems to be completely gone now and doesn’t seem to be coming back.
The best we can ascertain is that it was a rabid bear, maybe? Animals rarely attack like that. They don’t come and scratch the hell out of the posts we stay in.
Bella and I have seen a rabid animal attack and its activity before, and though that is the best thing we can come up with, it still doesn’t completely explain what happened.
Abigail Marks September 6th, 2014 PROFESSIONAL
Animal activity has once again become irrational
Increases in activity and urgency
Small prey animals gathering and storing
Large predatory animals moving past the post
Abby Marks September 6th, 2014 PERSONAL
I can’t believe we are back at this point; the animals all around us are acting strangely again. Bella and I are both terrified. Does this mean that the attacks will resume again? Why do they seem so random?
A rabid animal would likely be dead by now with as bad as it seemed before. Perhaps it is another wave of rabid creatures that were infected later on, but it seems so unlikely. What is the connection here? Why has it been gone for nearly a month and then suddenly its back?
Can Bella and I survive another attack?
Abby Marks September 7th, 2014 PERSONAL
We’ve noticed these things all become more so as the moon gets fuller, When completely full, the forest goes quiet. It took a lot of work to conclude that, but we have seen increases in weird activity as the moon gets fuller.
However, it still doesn’t correlate with rabies. We do not understand what we’re dealing with. I’m not sure if the post or Bella and I can handle another assault, especially if it’s as bad, or worse, than the last one.
It had been so peaceful…
Abigail Marks September 8th, 2014 – PROFESSIONAL
Massive increase in erratic behavior of woodland creatures
Repetitive, and now predictable, gathering and storing activity
Small animals have begun a hibernation-like performance
Larger animals have moved out of the area
Abby Marks September 8th, 2014 – PERSONAL
This is it, it’s happening again. Soon Bella and I will be under attack once again, and this time I’m not sure we’ll make it. I have lost all hope. We are stuck up here with no possible way to communicate with the outside world.
To get to any civilization, Bella and I will have to hike down the mountain to the road where our pickup arrives. The problem is, is that it is a two day and night hike and our pickup won’t be here until next month. We are trapped here; trapped with whatever is out there.
There is no way we could make the hike right now, not knowing tonight and tomorrow night are the full moon and we would be completely exposed. For now, all we can do is wait and hope that the barricades that we have planned to put into place will hold.
God, this is the most terrified I have ever been. Just knowing that something is coming for me is a terrifying concept. I wish we had never taken this job; I wish we were still at home…
I did a lot of digging and calling around, but I wasn’t able to find any of Bella’s stuff. Abby’s important messages were ripped out right after the September 8th, entry. It was like someone knew what was there was important.
I was feeling defeated like I would never find out what really happened to my sister, but then this happened.
Yesterday, I received another package in the mail, only this time, instead of just a note there were things of actual value to this whole debacle. First, there was a shirt, Bella’s I believe absolutely ripped to shreds with bloodstains all over it. Then, there was the real pay dirt; Bella’s journals and Abby’s missing pages.
I do not know who sent these, or why, but I now know the horrible fate that my sister and her best friend from childhood suffered. It isn’t pretty by any means, but at least now I know. I almost wish I didn’t since I know they were terrified and suffered tremendously, but I wanted to know the truth.
I have chosen not to tell my or Bella’s parents. I think it’s better that way. This way they live with some hope for the future. They have some sort of peace in feeling that the girls just ran off to be girls. Knowing what I know would kill all four of them. I have shared it all here though because I know this is a group of pretty hardened individuals that have basically seen and heard it all. I have to tell somebody, it will eat away at me if I don’t. The one thing I’m still confused about is who sent me the packages, and why did they include a page that said, “I’m so sorry”? Was it because of what they know after reading the journals, or because they know from being there?
With Abby’s stuff, I will skip the more mundane portions and only add the parts that seem to pertain to what ultimately happened to them. Most of Bella’s entries read a lot like Abby’s, but I want to show what they were both going through.
August 1st, 2014 OFFICIAL
Isabella Steel, Abigail Marks check into Glacier Park, Lewis Range, Montana, Post #4230, 3:31pm Post is clear No poaching activity immediately noticeable Animal activity appears normal
Bella Steel August 1st, 2014 PERSONAL
Abby and I have reached the Post and have settled in. So far everything seems perfectly normal, but Abby and I both know looks can be deceiving. I want to closely monitor the ridge directly to the right of our Post. It is set up as the perfect place for poaching, though there are no current signs to indicate that anything like that is going on.
One thing that always gets me about these mountain posts is the incredible isolation. These posts don’t even have roads to them! We, as is the case here, generally have to be dropped off at a specific point and then have to hike our way to the posts. This one took 2 full days and nights to reach. It was quite a hike, but rewarding in its absolute beauty.
August 5th, 2014 – PERSONAL
Abby and I noticed recently that the animal activity around the post has increased, even seeming somewhat erratic as the days move on. This is a good sign of something being wrong. It could well be poaching, as animals notice when something dangerous arrives in their environment.
We will have to get out and check to see if we note anything off other than the animals. I will definitely check out that ridge now.
Isabella Steel August 5th, 2014 OFFICIAL
Sudden increase in animal activity Erratic behavior, as if large predator is moving in close, noted Watch increased on suspected poaching area, ridge near post
Bella Steel August 8th, 2014 PERSONAL
Abby and I don’t know what to make of this strange animal activity, it’s like they have all gone mad. They seem to be storing for hibernation, but it is far too early for this much hustle and bustle.
There is an odd electricity in the air, something that’s hard to explain, but noticeable anyway. I don’t know what is about to happen, but I’m a little frightened of it.
Isabella Steel August 10th 2014 PROFESSIONAL
Severely decreased animal and insect activity.
No current signs of normal animal life detected in area.
Animals appear to have hibernated or left area Poaching watch on ridge increased
Bella Steel August 11th, 2014 – PERSONAL I don’t know what the hell is going on, but I’m absolutely terrified. Some large predatory animal has been beating against the post all night long. We always lock it up tight at night; thank God it has shutters and is reinforced to withstand animal attacks. Still, at one point I thought it would actually get in.
Abby and I are too afraid to go to sleep. This creature seems nocturnal, as the pounding finally stopped after the sun came up, but we don’t want to take any chances. I’m so scared I feel sick.
Isabella Steel August 13th, 2014 PROFESSIONAL
Animal activity ceased for the last few days except for something trying to get into cabin As the day progresses.
Animals appear to be coming back out of hiding and resuming their normal lives.
Signs of rabies, perhaps?
Bella Steel August 13th, 2014 PERSONAL
Abby and I were under attack for two full nights in a row. I do not understand what was out there, but it was huge and unfriendly. I don’t know if it was rabid or not, but that seems to be a good possibility. Will keep a close eye on that.
Bella Steel September 6th, 2014 PERSONAL
Oh God! it’s happening again. I can tell because the animals are acting off. I don’t want to do this again…
Isabella Steel September 6th, 2014 PROFESSIONAL
Urgency returning to forest Hibernation-like activity picked back up.
Signs of incoming predatory attack