Abigail Marks September 10th 2014 PERSONAL

I’m not even keeping official reports any longer, at this point; it is just a fight to stay alive. Last night, Bella and I ended up having to move into the observation room upstairs because the door was bending inward. We threw our beds up against it and the desks behind them, but something still broke through, not completely, but it was enough.
I swear I saw a large, overly hairy, arm come through the newly formed hole in the door. My first thought was a rabid bear, but then where a paw should have been was a gigantic, hairy hand. I wasn’t able to gather any more details than that because an absolute blood-curdling scream broke throughout the cabin.
I looked over and noticed that Bella was stuck to the door at an odd angle. She was pulled to the far side by her arm. She had gone to secure one of the mattresses we didn’t feel was pushed far enough up against the door while I held the other side. It was such a mistake; we should have just gone to the observation deck and barricaded ourselves in sooner.
I rushed to her side. Blood splattered across my face and along the mattress and wall. I immediately pulled Bella as hard as I could while she screamed in agony. I finally pulled hard enough, I guess, because we both went tumbling across the floor. As soon as I knew she was safe, I rushed back over and secured the door the best I could, but I still knew there were only a few seconds to do everything I needed to do.
Grabbing the massive first aid kit, I helped Bella up to the observation room and scooted the large, heavy, desk over the door. I know the desk was likely enough, but I slid the padlock on, anyway. This one is easier to secure because it is a door in the floor. I didn’t feel 100% safe, but I felt a lot better than with just the door downstairs.
After only a minute or so, we heard a huge boom downstairs; the beast had broken in. The rest of the night that thing rampaged through our post, roared like nothing I have ever heard in my life; no animal I know sounds like that and banged against the observation room door.
After I did a “quick and dirty”, dressing of Bella’s wound, we curled into a corner and screamed and cried the rest of the night; uncertain, we would make it to another morning.
September 9th

Why was I so stupid? Why didn’t we come up here in the first place? Maybe Bella being hurt could have been prevented.
After morning came, I could assess and treat Bella’s injury much better. That thing did a number on her. I had to add stitches and a lot of antibiotic, but at least it’s done.
The wound is definitely a bite, it has every single characteristic, except it is so much bigger than any I’ve encountered before. She needs a hospital, a doctor, and proper medical care, but I know it’s another full moon tonight, and with that thing out there, there is no way we can hike down this mountain.
We have no choice, we will have to wait until the moon is no longer full before we can go, but the morning after that last one we are gone, if we make it that long. I have to go rummage for food and supplies to bring back up here and reinforce our barricade for the night’s onslaught.
September 10th
Last night the creature seemed even more determined to get to us, likely because it smells Bella’s blood. I am growing more concerned about her she has slept all day. She could just be worn out from her injury and the fact that we are being terrorized all night long again. I’m not sure she can withstand too much more.
It was the worst night yet, the monster below us not only beat constantly against the door like a ravenous beast but it also continually howled. It was a long, melancholy, yet ferocious sound that both horrified and enthralled me. What the hell is that thing?
September 11th
I told Bella we would need to leave first thing this morning to set out on our journey down this damned mountain. She says she feels too sick to move. She has thrown up all morning. This just reinforces my fears that the creature was carrying something.
September 13th
It’s been days and Bella’s health continues to decline. She is bedridden now and cannot keep anything down. She is dehydrated and looking awful. She can’t move like this. I need to get her some help, but I can’t just leave her like this either. If I left her alone, she would be an open target for hungry animals, but I’m afraid she might die if we don’t get something going soon. I don’t know what to do. I wish my dad was here.
September 20th
It’s been a long week. Bella seemed to stabilize, at least a bit and is resting peacefully now. Her wound is another story. It is sullied, swollen and blistered; seeping massive amounts of yellow-green infection I can’t seem to clean fast enough. She can keep tiny amounts of water down, so at least there is something in her system, though she is still unable to keep any food down. I pulled a mattress up to the observation room for her and have made her as comfortable as possible. I have been sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag right beside her in case she needs me.
I fear that if something doesn’t happen soon; I don’t even want to say it now, but something has to give. We are up here on a six-month stint, so no-one will even come looking for us for at least another three months, which means even if we hike down the mountain, we won’t have a Meetup car waiting, so we will have to hike even further.
Bella cannot hike at this point. What am I supposed to do?

September 28th
Bella can eat a little here and there, but not much. She still isn’t strong enough to hike down the mountain, but maybe in a few days, she might be. Her wound has stabilized. The infection is less than it was a week ago and she says it doesn’t hurt too much anymore.
I’ll admit I’m perplexed about how it healed and how she feels better because she was at death’s door before. Maybe something I did helped…
October 4th
Finally, some good news. Bella is doing much better, she is up and able to move around a little, her wound has all but healed itself up and she is hungry. The problem is, she is starving; I guess nearly a month of not eating more than a few bites a day will do that to you. I’m not sure we have the supplies for how much she wants though and I am having to ration out smaller amounts for myself and give her more.
Still, there is this small worry in the back of my mind, a dark sense of dread I can’t quite seem to shake. I’m sure it’s the fact that there is another full moon phase coming up, and this is the worst one yet. This month there are three full nights of the full moon, instead of the typical two. I really don’t want to go through another one, but Bella says she doesn’t feel capable of making the trip yet. Is she scared? Because it seems more like an excuse than a real reason, she seems fine, wouldn’t it be the perfect opportunity to go before it’s too late?
October 6th

It’s too late to hike down the mountain now. Bella continued to stall, even though she seems fine now; in fact, she seems better than fine. She’s made a full recovery, in a month!
All the animals scattered early this month, I do not understand why, but they didn’t even do their typical gather and store routine, they just left the area. I assume it’s because they know that creature will come back here.
I hate to say it, but Bella is scaring me a little, she has this strange aura about her. It’s something I can’t quite put my finger on, but there is an immediate sense of dread when I come into contact with her. She hasn’t said or done anything, really. In fact, she’s been downright chipper lately. Still, there is this fear lingering in the back of my mind. Why wouldn’t she leave with me when she gained her strength back? She almost seems to be anxiously waiting for something.
October 8th
Dear God, last night Bella, she changed. She acted strangely all day, but when nightfall came and that full moon rose, she went ballistic. She was stomping around the post, growling in a low, guttural way that sounded like a miniature version of that monster.
She all but refused to come to the observation room with me. Even as scared of her I was I didn’t want to leave her to the creature, so I tried to reinforce some sort of barricade against the broken door. It was no use, though. Bella moved everything I had against it anyway, then she looked back at me and I no longer saw my friend.
She was becoming hairy. Nowhere near the level of the creature’s arm and hand I saw last month, but there was a noticeable amount. She also had fangs, like actual long growing teeth. I saw them when she smiled at me. It wasn’t a friendly smile, though; it was more like a predatory grin. I had no choice. I raced up the steps with Bella fast on my heels and slammed the observation door shut. I sat on it, crying while getting the lock in place, as Bella pounded on it.

The worst part was that she laughed and, dis-ingeniously, told me to open the door and let her in. A flash of the three little pig’s story came to mind for a second, and I prayed I was in the brick house.
As the night wore on, I heard the most terrible sounds imaginable. At one point I believe the original creature came into the post because it sounded like there were two of them, but what did that mean for Bella? What happened to her?
This morning, after the sun rose and the howling, beating, and growling stopped; I decided to make a run for it. I can’t hear anyone downstairs any longer, so I think I’m alone. I will hike down the mountain on my own. I don’t plan to sleep or even eat, just run and hide the best I can. I feel like this is my only chance for survival as the observation door cracked last night.
I am taking these journals with me, as proof or something like it, to show I’m not crazy if anyone will even believe anything I say.
I’m going now, while it’s still early so I can make as much time as possible. Please, if someone finds this, please give it to my family so they know what happened.
That is the last entry I received. Abby added my name and address just in case, I guess that’s how they knew to send it to me. She probably figured I would believe her before our parents would. I can only assume she didn’t make it down off that mountain alive. I guess it’s better to know, right?