This is my first post on my new blog. I don’t know what type of information I should really put here, so I’ll just start with the basics.

My name is Rachel. I live in Kentucky. In general, I am a writer. I love horror and short scary stories. I find dark humor funny most of the time and I like to incorporate everything around me into my work. That being said, I still enjoy light humor and can hold a decent conversation with just about anyone on just about anything.

My true passion lies in writing horror fiction that seems like non-fiction. I would love to see the horror genre get a reboot and go back to actually frightening people. There has been far too much gore and sex in it that it’s become watered down.

There has to be a balance. Everything has its place, it all just needs to be put there. Scary stories are meant to make the reader, or listener, afraid to shut off the light at night or want to barricade the closet door.

In the weeks to come, I hope to touch on a few pointers that we can all use to keep our stories scary. I also want to talk about how we get caught in that typical trap and end up writing something that only resembles horror, but is not enough to actually give the reader a scare.

I hope you will come back in a few days and see where I am then. I would love to share my stories and virtual life with you. 🙂