When trying to come up with ideas, I, like many others, sometimes just draw an entire blank. One rule to writing is that you keep writing, even if it’s not in your typical style or what you’ve been currently working on.

“Just keep writing,” they say. If only it was that easy. “Just write something. Whatever comes to mind,” that just makes you feel like you’ve been put on the spot and then nothing comes. So, how do you write when you have nothing in mind?

Look around. What is in your sites right this moment? A loved one, a pet, the couch? Write a small scenario about whatever you see. It can be something in depth and complex, like writing about all the small details or just an overview, like my husband is asleep on the couch, he does this every day at…blah blah blah, you get the gist of it.

Go outside, take a walk, go for a ride. Do something that will stimulate your brain. Then come home and write about it, or take something with you so you can write down details while you’re out and then turn them into something later.

It isn’t easy to do something, even if you need to when you have no motivation, so try these small exercises out for size and see if they help. If not,  try doing something you love, take a long hot bath. Call or text someone, do something! Don’t let important things like your writing, or whatever you may be interested in, slip through the cracks. And don’t allow yourself to get rusty, it’s hard to come back from that.