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I’ve put a few stories up on Reddit, under the names: Darkrayvyn and Rayvyndarts. These are the places that you can listen to YouTubers read them. I always give permission for them to read, because I want to share the scares.

Without further ado:


Psychotic Maniac:

The Dark Somnium:

AgentShadoWolf: (First Story)

Nightmarish Tales: (First Story)

Fear The Greatwhite:

Scary Robot:


Mr. Scary:

Insomniak (#2):

Darkness Prevails (#5):

The Wendigo (I found a phone in the woods) – Sir Pent Entertainment:

Each of the following are the same story, just narrated by different people. Choose your favorite!

The horrifying geek:

Nightmarish Tales:

Jonny Nightmare:

The Feeling of Being Watched (#1):

Joey’s Nightmares (#7):

Let me know if you see any of my stories on another Youtuber’s site and I will put it here with the others so they can get some credit.

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